Updates from the Front

Updates from the Front


Hello valued readers!

I wanted to make this post as a bit of amends for not having updated my blog over the past week. I’d made a promise to myself to start posting more on my site, but life always has a way of getting in the way. Luckily, my current dilemmas are a bit of a blessing in disguise, as I’ve been burdened with GLORIOUS PURPOSE™. Ok… what I mean by that, is that I’ve been saddled with a lot of freelance with a bunch of tight deadlines. So, while I may be a bit slower on the blog updating, I want you to know that you should be seeing more work coming out from me, over the next several months.

Now for a couple random musings…


Myron Pauls came prepared with a very important NPC for the Winnipeg Convocation.

Hell’s Rebels #2: The second adventure in the Hell’s Rebels series was released earlier this month, and people are already getting their copies in the mail. I’m super proud of my ‘Ecology of the Skum’ article, mainly because the super talented Crystal Frasier did an amazing job of developing the random words I sent to Paizo. This particular article was really interesting to work on, specifically because I got the opportunity to distinguish Skum from deep ones—a race that will be appearing in the upcoming Bestiary 5. Previously, the skum had always been Pathfinder/DnD’s analogue to Lovecraft’s deep ones, but I got to work on making the skum an entity all their own. Very curious on what people think of this article!

Local Event (Winnipeg Convocation): I was asked to make an appearance at our local Winnipeg ‘convocation’ event for Pathfinder Society. I showed up to run the special I wrote for this years GenCon, True Dragons of Absalom. I had the joy of running it for a table of local players, specifically players I’d never gamed with before, which is always awesome. Aside from the players not picking the pre-generated kobold cleric (seriously, who does that?! 😉 ), I had an awesome time moving the players through the madness that is a kobold-based adventure. Big congrats to David & Leesa (our local Venture Officers) for putting together a great event and inviting me out.

Mmmmmm Kickstarter rewards!

Mmmmmm Kickstarter rewards!

Rise of the Kage: I got my Kickstarter rewards from this in a couple weeks ago. The board game is extremely enjoyable, and I really want to put up a ‘Thursty Plays’ of it, to go over my thoughts on the game. I got to play a quick game at the office I’m writing out of, and everyone seemed to have a fun time with it. I think I’ll bring it down again and get some pictures of the game in action.

Wargaming: I have a Warhammer 40k event coming up at the end of October, so I’m spending some of my evening decompressing by painting. It gets me away from the computer screen and working on a secondary hobby that I really enjoy. Currently on the painting docket is a bunch of my new Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii models. I’ve really been digging the playstyle of the Skitarii—up in your face with guns and more guns, and possibly more weirder guns. I’ve also picked up the last bits of my new Warmahordes army, particularly the depraved Cephalyx, which I’ve been eager to play since I first saw their artwork in ye olden times Iron Kingdoms RPG books.

Vidya Games: I’m currently in the process of finding some new games to jump into. The changes to Destiny with their new expansion are pretty daunting, and I’m not sure I want to get back into it just yet. For the last few weeks, I’ve been spending my evenings shooting things with Jessica, but she’s away for a few weeks. I’m considering pulling out some of my old RPGs from storage. Actually, some of the old Shin Megami games on the PS2 seem VERY tempting. I’m looking at you Nocturne and Devil Summoner!

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