Update: More Work? Yes My Lord!

Update: More Work? Yes My Lord!


Heya folks! Thurston Hillman here.

Taking some time out of my crazy schedule to post a recent update of products that have come out with my name attached. The coming months are particularly packed with new projects that I had the privilege of working on, so I just wanted to give a bit of an overview of what’s out now.

Also, there’s been some traction in the form of questions about my recent writings. If you have any questions, please feel free to head over to my ‘Ask Thursty Anything‘ thread over at Paizo.com!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #104: Wrath of Thrune

My first Adventure Path adventure! *dances and such*

My first Adventure Path adventure! *dances and such*

AHHHHHH! This is the big one; my first Adventure Path adventure!

Rob McCreary over at Paizo was gracious enough to trust me with the second adventure in Paizo’s first ‘all evil’ Adventure Path. I ended up in the honorable position of being nestled between Wes Schneider’s opening adventure and Patrick Renie’s third adventure (both authors I really admire).

Basically, my adventure takes the PCs from their previous exploits of quashing a growing good-aligned revolution in a small Chelish community, to bringing their evil to a place firmly under the rule of good-aligned forces. If I had to sum it up, my adventure would essentially be ‘Reverse Inglourious Basterds‘. The PCs are evil-doers sent to a community occupied by the forces of a good crusading goddess, and it’s in that town that they do their thing.

In addition, there’s a lot of new Golarion lore introduced, including some further aboleth/veiled master tidbits, an expanded history for Iomedae, and a full gazetteer on the town of Kantaria—the settlement Iomedae defended in one of her many recorded acts. OH! I also wrote one of the monsters in the bestiary for this issue, the hircaprath, because Heaven needs more non-typed (angel, archon, etc, etc) resident outsiders.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue

Seriously, Sailor Moon archetype! O_O

Seriously, Sailor Moon archetype! O_O

Somehow, during the last few months of madness, I ended up able to contribute some words to the latest Pathfinder hardcover rulebook. My contributions included mostly magic items, as well as a slew of new feats. That’s all OK with me, especially since a lot of the meat of this book is the sheer number of new feats available (along with awesome archetypes, new subsystems, new spells, and even a new class in the form of the vigilante).

Most of the feats I added increased the versatility of class abilities and skills, particularly some new options for bards, as well as some expanded options for teleporting/plane shifting characters. One of my personal favorites, is a feat that allows for expanded use of the Intimidate skill, including increasing the duration of the attitude change into hours. Of course, there’s also a feat idea I added, that development expanded on rather expertly, that allows for characters to make Diplomacy checks in combat to call truces. This can even be expanded to calling a truce after making a successful critical hit in combat!

I wouldn’t even suggest buying this book for my contributions to it.  I’m certainly proud of what I wrote for this book, but I think everyone can agree that the ‘Magical Child’ archetype (*cough* Sailor Moon *cough*) is pretty much the best thing to ever grace the tabletop RPG industry.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Faiths

Come, read about ALL the dragon gods (2 of them). Also, several other deities!

Come, read about ALL the dragon gods (2 of them). Also, several other deities!

Amanda Hamon Kunz approached me about this product several months back. I guess my relationship with dragons after writing True Dragons of Absalom made me a fine candidate to write about the draconic deities of Golarion. So, inside Inner Sea Faiths, you’ll find my contributions in the form of the articles for Apsu & Dahak, the dragon gods of Golarion. Along with these two deities that I penned, are several other deities, each of them written by some of the most talented authors in the RPG field!

Players with interest in Apsu or Dahak will find all sorts of new information within. There’s also obedience listed for each of the deities, along with information that links with the prestige classes found in Inner Sea Gods. Realms are expanded upon, including Apsu’s moving realm of the Immortal Ambulatory and Dahak’s home in the depths of Hell. The servants of these deities were some of my favorite to write, but I’m really excited to see how people react to the expanded background on Golarion’s own dragon gods.

Apparently people like dragons. Who knew?

Pathfinder Society: Retirement & Druma Lodge!

All the 'Coming Soon' PFS stuff. ALL OF IT!

All the ‘Coming Soon’ PFS stuff. ALL OF IT!

With the recent announcement of a new Pathfinder Society retirement arc, I’m pleased to say that I’ve been selected as the author for the first installment. Fear aside, I’m extremely honored to be the opening act of the latest high-level PFS installment. The fact that I’m treading the same ground as Erik Mona is only slightly intimidating, but I’m hoping that I can give the Society’s best and brightest a run for their money. The encounters thus far are taking things up to 11, and this series will require top game from both players and GMs.

I’m currently in the process of finishing up ‘First Taste of Eternity‘, having just sent the maps and art notes off to Paizo. More than any other Society project, I’ve been working closely with John and series authors to ensure that this is one of the best PFS experiences to date. If you’ve been enjoying the ongoing meta-plot of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign, this will be a MUST-play. Also, who doesn’t want to send their high level characters off in a final epic series; a series based around giving your characters the Society’s most important mission to date!

Following the release of the retirement arc scenario, I have another Pathfinder Society contribution in the form of Bid for Alabastrine. Those of you who attended last year’s PaizoCon may remember my loud shouts of ‘Druma Lodge’ or random conversations about this often forgotten region of Golarion. John entrusted me with bringing Druma to the forefront of a scenario, and it’s here that PCs will travel into the nation at the behest of the Society. This will be a special snowflake of a scenario, and I expect to see a lot of different opinions on the differences between it and standard PFS adventures.

Don’t worry though, there’s no mass combat…

The Future!

Remember to be like this little dude. Keep praising the sun.

Remember to be like this little dude. Keep praising the sun.

I have several unannounced projects on the go, which I’m super excited to talk about when I can. On the immediate horizon, I have a contribution to the Pathfinder Module line coming out in the next few months, which I hope to put up a blog post about. There’s also the rapidly approaching completion of the Aethera campaign setting, which I contributed a solid amount of words towards, and look forward to seeing the completed project. Actually, there may be some further Aethera work in my future, which I’ll talk more about when it’s all official-like.

One thing that I do want to discuss is my current personal project. Currently code-named ‘Untimely Meditations’, this is a Pathfinder RPG related product, that I’ll be putting up on my own. It’s not set on Golarion, nor is it in any other existing campaign universe. I’m hoping to run some initial test runs of it at PaizoCon with some select folks, and to start rambling more about it in the near-ish future. What I will say, is that I’ve been doing A LOT of research for this project, and that Untimely Meditations will differentiate itself from most modern Pathfinder adventures in several unique ways.

Anywho, that’s all for now. Thanks again for following my work, and reading my mad ramblings.

Until next time!


-Thurston ‘Thursty’ Hillman

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