The New On-Call GM

The New On-Call GM


Welcome, one and all, to the new On-Call GM website!

As I’m moving into the realm of full-time freelancer, I thought it a good idea to update my previously underutilized site. You’re now seeing the results of that endeavor: a lovely new coat of paint, and a user interface that is far more intuitive for a development dummy like me to update posts and maintain the website. Big thanks to Jamie Isfeld, the love of my life, for putting this all together.

Over the coming weeks, this site will be regularly updated with new content. Readers can expect to see a plethora of gaming-related blog posts and articles, with a starting focus on Pathfinder RPG related materials. I’ll also be cross-linking with my growing Facebook Page, and rambling whenever possible on Twitter. Oh, and given that Gen Con is coming up, you may be interested in checking out my Instagram. Coincidentally, all three of these social media sites are also linked via the icons on the left side of the page. Isn’t the internet marvelous?

I don’t know where the future will take me, but for now, this is “The Plan”.

It’s a way better plan than the cylons ever had.

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