Coming Soon: Gen Con 2015

Coming Soon: Gen Con 2015

It’s almost that time folks: GenCon 2015 is just around the corner!

This will mark my 5th consecutive Gen Con attendance, and that amazes me the more I think about it. I remember the first year I attended the convention, a scared whipper snapper with only one writing credit to my name. Now I’ll be attending as an author with a much larger stable of products behind me, not to mention having my name in the big Paizo book release of the event—Occult Adventures.


Pathfinder RPG: Occult Adventures Debuting at Gen Con 2015!

I’ve had some pretty fond memories of Gen Con over the past 5 years. From my very first event, where I came in last minute to help run some PFS tables for Liz Courts and Mark Moreland, going to the ENnies and sitting behind Chris Pramas, or meeting Tim Hitchcock (something my liver will never forgive me for). Later years proved no less enjoyable, with 2013 being a huge milestone in my career, where the PFS Special I wrote was run for over 1,000 players! Even last year included some great memories, as I spent time with the Werecabbage crew, as well as the excellent cadre of PFS volunteers. Both groups who I’ve become friends with over the years, and I only have the honor of hanging out with a handful of times a year.

This year, I expect to be no less enjoyable than previous Gen Con events. I’m looking forward to giving my good friend, Mike Brock, a sendoff as he takes the next step in his life and departs from his role as Pathfinder Organized Play Coordinator. I’ve got a lovely dinner planned with a bunch of my long-lasting convention friends at Fogo de Chao—if you’re ever in Indy, you should make the effort to go there! Finally—and perhaps most important—this will be the first time that my amazing girlfriend, Jamie, will be joining me. As someone who’s never been to a Gen Con before, I’m excited to show Jamie around and have the joy of watching her build memories of her own, just as I’ve had the pleasure of over the past 5 years.

So yeah, methinks this Gen Con will be yet another for the history books!

If you want to meet up and chat with me (or punch me if you’ve played some of my PFS scenarios), I’ll be around the convention starting Wednesday afternoon. Feel free to send me a message via my contact page, or throw up a message on my Facebook group. My schedule will be pretty sporadic, as I tend to do things as they come up. Friday evening I intend on being in attendance at the ENnies award show, while Saturday evening, I’ll be at the Sagamore Ballroom, watching the debut of my PFS special: True Dragons of Absalom.

Now, I should probably get to packing… see you on the other side!

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